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Young British Naturists bare all

Posted at 5:45 pm, May 17, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Laura PannackA group of young people casually sit around, laughing, snacking, and chatting. Relaxed and carefree, they seem like your average bunch of friends hanging out. The only thing is they’re all completely naked – save for the odd pair of shoes. Don’t worry– this isn’t a regular day in the Time Out office, but a portrait of some of Britain’s young naturists, snapped by acclaimed photographer Laura Pannack for her first inaugural solo show at Gallery One and a Half (until June 29 ). Entitled Young British Naturists, the exhibition strips away the stigma surrounding naturism and lays it bare for all to see. The gallery’s three floors symbolise gradual stages of undress – the higher we go, the more naked the photos become – and it’s guaranteed to challenge the assumption that naturism is simply for voyeuristic exhibitionists with a penchant for stripping off. Naturists may be largely marginalised by society, but Pannack’s shots prove that in the buff they’re a confident lot, totally connected with their bodies, regardless of shape, age, and colour. Liberated from clothing and social identities, and in touch with every sensation on their skin, they’re inspiring people who just don’t care about being image conscious – thus making a selection of fascinating snaps from such a covert world. Lisa Paul

For info, see one-and-a-half.com.

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