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Sound of the underground: explore this audio map of London’s rivers

Posted at 10:00 am, May 21, 2012 in Fun London, Maps, Transport

Photography? Please. So mainstream.

Instead, discover the work of I M Rawes, one man with a microphone and a dream. Across the capital, he captures the sonic essence of bustling streets and quiet, hidden corners for his exhaustive London Sound Survey project.  Says Rawes: ‘Amongst the daily urban hubbub there’s information about who lives here, what they get up to, how they enjoy themselves and what they believe in.  [Sounds] announce developments in technology, the city’s growth, and social and demographic change. They tell us of shifts in the make-up and scattering of London’s wildlife.’ And it all makes for oddly evocative listening.

His latest project is a sound map of London’s hidden waterways, arranged in classic tube map style. Click from spot to spot to soak up the watery ambience, from surging torrents and hectic traffic jams to tranquil, bubbling streams.

Have a listen to New Seven Sisters Bridge below, or visit the map to have a look listen around for yourself.

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New Seven Sister Bridge (CC-NC-BY: London Sound Survey)

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