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Breaking news: Underground Magazine occupies Time Out Towers

Posted at 10:55 am, May 23, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, News
Ben Williams © Rob Greig

Following a series of threatening emails and tweets, the team behind newspaper parody Underground Magazine have somehow infiltrated this week’s Comedy section and have taken over the magazine and webpa…

BREAKING NEWS: reports just in that they’ve just wrested control of the Time Out Comedy Twitter too (@TimeOut_Comedy). Calling themselves ‘satirical revolutionaries’, the anonymous members appear to have bound and gagged our Comedy editor, Ben Williams, and are holding him hostage. They have issued a statement (below) with their grounds for his release. Please help.

We, the satirical revolutionaries of Underground Magazine, have occupied Time Out Comedy and held the editor hostage. We hereby issue the readers of the Time Out blog with this single demand:

‘Tweet us @TimeOut_Comedy with your best tongue-in-cheek suggestions of satirical revolutionary changes we can make in the Time Out offices (we have already replaced the tired old office plants with satirical flora).

IF YOU DO NOT, we will be forced to do something vaguely-defined yet truly grim and horrible to Ben Williams, the Time Out Comedy editor who is currently trussed up in the corner of this room. Hi Ben!

Add #OccupyTimeOut to your tweets – there’s nothing worse than a glorious satirical revolution with lots of different hashtags.

Thank you.’

Follow @TimeOut_Comedy on Twitter to find out if Ben will be released. Read how Underground Magazine managed to #OccupyTimeOut and read Underground’s comedy citics’ choice.

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