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Life’s a beach digging on the Thames

Posted at 10:00 am, May 25, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Digging on the banks of the Thames

A fan of Time Team, digging around on beach, or just fancy the rare chance to sink your toes into the banks of the Thames? Once a year the Tower of London opens up their foreshore and encourages members of the public to go down, have a root around and see what they can find. This year the Tower of London archaeology weekend will take place on May 26/27, (11am-12.30ish) including demonstrations designed to teach you more about the Tower, Thames and the secrets buried under the city. Metal detectors are prohibited but you’re free to scrabble about, meaning the magpies among us are in with the (granted, slim) chance of discovering a lost jewel flung from the Tower windows by some incarcerated queen. Here’s hoping. Ellie Clayton

The Tower of London archaeology weekend is free, just turn up! Read more about the Tower of London.

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