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Why get the Tube when you can run home?

Posted at 4:30 pm, May 28, 2012 in News, Olympics & Paralympics

Home RunA Home Run scheme has been launched to encourage commuters to avoid the Tube and run home. Travellers can join a guided, orange-t-shirt-wearing clan that will run via the stops of their homeward-bound Tube journey, avoiding the sweaty heat and queues of underground rush hour. There are 13 routes for runners to choose from, but over 40 more are to be introduced for Olympic season. The Home Run scheme also includes a bag service, which will transport runners’ personal belongings to their destinations so they can run with ease and get home without hassle. And did I mention that this scheme is completely FREE?!

The Home Run scheme is intended to ease pressure on the Tube, as the Olympics is set to be a logistical nightmare with around 6.5 million journeys a day predicted for August. With TFL already advising commuters to prolong taking the Tube home by going out for dinner or a show after work, this scheme will offer a less expensive, more realistic alternative to avoiding the underground. The project has gained immediate success, with already over 2,000 members and it is continually growing. Anyone can join, from professional athletes to couch potatoes. So if you want to get healthy, avoid the rush hour – and look great in orange – then get involved. You too could soon be as happy as these guys above. Kate Samuelson

For info, see homerunlondon.com.

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