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Surprise Surprise: five tips for @SecretCinema

Posted at 5:45 pm, June 6, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Secret London
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On Friday night I donned a boiler suit for the first time in a fair while and headed to Euston station to meet my fellow uniform-clad movie lovers for the first night of the new Secret Cinema production. As always, the much hyped event was shrouded in mystery and although rumours of the film were flying all around the internet, all we really knew was that we had signed up for a specific fantasy job role at Brave New Ventures (out of the nine professions on offer I chose to specialise in rocks for some unknown reason) and were instructed to wear a utilitarian onesie (I opted for customised painting overalls). We were then escorted to our top secret location before we embarked upon our mission…

Unfortunately, the revelations will have to stop there as I have been sworn to secrecy, obvs. Don’t act surprised. You know the drill. Ok, I don’t want to leave you hanging, so I can tell you a few choice pieces of advice from my other-worldly evening.

Dress up
Part of the fun is getting truly immersed so if you don’t make an effort you may well feel like a plum. Having said that, those folks who arrived underdressed (urm…lazy!) were given a uniform to wear so don’t freak out of you don’t have time to make your own.

Secret Cinema © George TorodeChoose wisely
When you are asked to select your profession, choose the same thing as your pals if you have any desire to spend the evening with them. If you don’t, you’ll be swept off with your ‘workmates’ and you will spend the next three hours wandering around the epic 190,000 sq ft space trying to find each other.

Secret Cinema © George Torode

Go explore
Having said that, do go have a good old look around. There are so many hidden surprises lurking behind unmarked doors, props from the actual film and loads more. Be curious, explore everywhere, interact with the hundreds of actors, mingle with your fellow over excited secret cinema goers and you’ll be flying.

Go hungry
Hidden behind a random door, you’ll find the The Future Paradise Dinner aka the Secret Restaurant. It certainly isn’t cheap – £65 on top of your ticket price (or £100 if you don’t have a ticket) but with chefs from St John, Noma in Copenhagen and San Francisco’s Jardiniere, it should be worth it if you are splashing out for a big night. Or if not, there is cheaper food to be bought in the Mess Hall.

Book now
It might be running eight times a week until July 1 but they are selling out pretty quick. Regardless of what the film is (no, I really can’t tell you), Secret Cinema have pulled out another amazing immersive experience and that is worth the ticket price alone. Sonya Barber

Find out more at secretcinema.org.

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