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Sex change in the city

Posted at 1:00 pm, June 7, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Who knows how many men have thought about cross dressing throughout their lives in their mother’s/sister’s/partner’s clothing or accessories. It’s most probably not something they discuss openly or entertain as dinner party chat, and it is definitely not a conventional sighting in the ever so serious City of London, where dark suits are the law and conservative black is the unspoken covenant. It takes a brave man to wear women’s clothes.

Welcome to Franck Allais’ word. His photographs of business men in the City certainly warrant a double take. Is that a man in a skirt and killer heels? Are those sheer tights showing off a pair of stocky yet surprisingly sexy legs? Franck has played with the boundaries between men’s and women’s clothing, humorously subverting reality and creating a faux flamboyant fearlessness for his latest project.

For info, see franckallais.com.

For more images see Franck Allias.com

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