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We Love you London hand-drawn maps

Posted at 8:30 am, June 7, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Maps, Photos of London, Transport
London Map

People are obsessed with maps. Maybe it’s the reassuring lines, borders and landmarks that fascinate them, or the ability to pinpoint their place in the world. Or perhaps they just have a terrible sense of direction. In a city as vast as London, maps are pretty essential, and now artist Jojo Oldham has created her own hand-drawn map of our beloved capital – complete with her own entertaining annotations and favourite destinations of choice. ‘Full of crap drawings, musings, and mistakes’, this playful city plan may be cramped but it’s totally unique and much more fun than the London A-Z. Different areas of London are awarded rosettes with varying descriptions: ‘quaint’ Bloomsbury sits south of ‘vibrant’ Kings Cross whilst ‘posh’ Kensington is geographically opposed to ‘posy’ Dalston. Camden is labelled ‘past it’, probably now that ‘edgy’ Shoreditch has taken centre stage. There are snake doodles for London Zoo and a paw print marks Battersea. S0ho is neatly summed up as ‘cocktails, sex and sushi’ whilst Whitechapel is wryly named ‘Jack the Ripper’s old stomping ground’. At £120, Oldham’s whimsical map certainly isn’t cheap – and it probably won’t help you if you get lost- but with countless descriptions and little drawings, we give it top marks for humour. Lisa Paul

For info, see lovelyjojos.com.


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