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I believe I can fly: AntiGravity Yoga for beginners

Posted at 10:00 am, June 21, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
AntiGravity Yoga © Sonya Barber

In my mind AntiGravity Yoga was going to involve lying in a hammock – I was definitely down with the idea of weightlessness and flying. The fact that I was actually going to have to do some scary yoga moves while hanging upside down hadn’t occurred to me. So I happily trotted off to try out this new class at the super swanky Virgin Active health club at 200 Aldersgate. Man, this is a lovely gym. If, like me, you judge a place by the toilets, the changing rooms here will make your gym look like a hovel. Fresh towels, bathrobes, fancy soaps…anyway, I digress, back to the class.

On entering the studio, I was rather afraid. Stretchy red hammocks hung menacingly from the ceiling and the other participants looked scarily calm and fit. However, the lovely instructor instantly put us at ease, telling us how we should unleash our inner five year old and more importantly explaining safely how to embark on our AntiGravity Yoga journey.

At first, it feels very odd but soon you forget about how weird it is, start sweating and before you know it, you’re upside down doing ‘the vampire’ (above) and grinning like an idiot. This is very possibly the most fun exercise I have ever done. I am not sure that I felt like I was flying, but I definitely felt like it was doing something good (I may well be in a world of pain tomorrow though). The whole thing was pretty addictive but I think there are plenty worse habits for me to pick up. Next time you see me, I may well be a flying yogi…Sonya Barber

For info, see virginactive.co.uk.

AntiGravity Yoga © Sonya Barber

No one is taking a lie down in their hammock…yet.

AntiGravity Yoga

This is a look of genuine fear.

AntiGravity Yoga © Sonya Barber

Getting there, slowly but surely.

AntiGravity Yoga © Sonya Barber

Like a cat trying to fight its way out of a plastic bag…

AntiGravity Yoga © Sonya Barber

…to a delicate, floating yogic goddess.

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