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35 reasons rain is better than sunshine

Posted at 4:00 pm, July 16, 2012 in Fun London

Rainbow (c) nuttalip, Flickr

Photo: Paul Nuttall.

So, it’s the beginning of the family summer holidays, and it’s chucking it down. But is that such a bad thing? Don’t be so sure. Here are 35 reasons the rain beats the sun every time…

1) Rain is better for snogging in:

Rain: good for snogging in. (via Tumblr)

2) Or being alone in:

Dr Who looking miserable in the rain.

3) Dancing in:

Street dance!

4) And singing in:

singing in the rain

5) 8 out of 10 cats agree rain is the best weather for funky robot music:

Robot playing guitar (imgur)

[Photo: GorosArt]

6) Rainbows (double or otherwise) all the way. So intense:

Rainbow over Central London.

7) Without rain, no umbrellas. Without umbrellas, no Umbrella, ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh?

Rihanna, Umbrella.

8) Rain can bring us closer together:

Boy shields a deer from the rain in Nara, Japan.

[Photo: pinterest.com]

9) And you can feel much better about forgetting to book those festival tickets:

Festival flooded.

10) It complements even the cheesiest sentimental thought:

Rain running down and a windscreen.

11) You can put out your hands, whisper ‘come to me, my beauties’ and imagine your magical powers are dragging water out of the sky:

Hands catching raindrops.

12) Or imagine being a very tiny person and running around screaming ‘WE’VE GOT INCOMING!’


13) Rain really annoys wasps:

Wasps hate the rain.

14) You can kiss the rain when you’re not near Billie Myers:

15) Rain just about qualifies as lift-journey conversation:

Awkward lift chat.

16) And makes pigeons look funny:

Pigeon in the rain. (c) oxfordianworld

[Photo: Oxfordian World]

17) You can also verify duck-related idioms without having to throw your own water at them:

Water rolls off a duck's back.

18) Guess which raindrops will make it to the bottom of the window first:

Raindrops down a window.

19) And picture your life as a moody, noir epic:

Sin City rain.

20) As for Prince, he only wants to see you laughing in the Purple Rain! Purple Rain, Purrrrple Raaaaaaaain:

21) Puddles can look cool:

Puddles. (c) chaiwalla, Instagram
[Photo: chaiwalla]

22) And you can demonstrate what a bad-ass you are:

Puddle jumping. (c) Jesse Millan


[Photo: Jesse Millan]

23) Plus, you totally lied when you were seventeen:

24) Rain makes working inside feels cosy rather than prison-like:

rain through glass

25) And going for a quick jog becomes incredibly heroic:

Running in the rain.

26) It’s necessary to stave off drought, or so the authorities would have us believe:

Does London have a hosepipe ban? No. (c) lloydthompson


[Photo: lloydthompson]

27) Plus, you’re 34% more likely to have a declaration of love reciprocated:

Darcy declares his love in the rain.

28) It’s by far the best weather to unleash your repressed sexuality:

Rain scene from American Beauty.

29) And you’d look crazy screaming at the heavens on a nice sunny day:

Shawshank rain.

30) It’s possible evidence that you’re actually the star of your own reality TV show:

Truman in the rain.

31) If you did this pose in the sun, people would just think you were looking at the floor:

What's so interesting down there?

32) And if you did this in the sunshine, it wouldn’t be interesting at all:


33) Anyway, don’t forget, it’s the most Londony possible weather:

London rain.

34) So it’s best to expect it:

Big Ben in the rain.

35) And try to have a good time!

Dancing in the rain

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Thanks to oxfordian.world, kenjonbro, Jesse Millan, Paul Nuttall, chaiwalla, felid, laura6139, goro79, Becky Fraser and others for the photos.

Bonus fact: that nice smell after it rains in the summer? It has a name: petrichor.

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