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We can Shardly believe it! London’s best and worst buildings: the results

Posted at 2:30 pm, August 2, 2012 in News
The Shard

Way back before the city wasn’t completely absorbed in a load of sport, we gathered twenty of the loveliest and twenty of the most gross buildings in London into picture galleries, and asked you to vote for your favourites. It was ostensibly to celebrate the fact that The Shard is now complete, which is appropriate given that it ended up in both top tens. Ninth best, probably because of how its lovely shiny sides reflect the lovely shiny river in a lovely shiny way, but also third worst, probably because without the point we were all expecting, its jagged top makes it look unfinished. Find out which other buildings were voted as handsome and/or fugly now. Ashleigh Arnott

Read London’s best and worst buildings: the results.

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