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Hometown glory: Sister Ray’s musical tour of the city

Posted at 1:30 pm, August 3, 2012 in Music & Nightlife
Sister Ray window display

What with the Jubilee earlier this year and the international sports day in the East End, the world’s eyes are fixed on London right now. Sister Ray on Berwick Street – which should feature in anyone’s top five record stores in London – is celebrating by turning its window into a celebration of the capital’s musical heritage. At least two dozen record sleeves featuring London locations – from landmarks to back alleys, quarries, and parks – are on display, and most impressive of all is the fact that Sister Ray’s Sarah Haigh has pinpointed almost all the locations on a map. We chatted with her about the display, and how Time Out helped her to put it together.

‘I just started collecting all London-related record sleeves. It took about three months of just looking through every now and then and trying to work out where the sleeves were in London. It was just me. I used Time Out – on your website a few years ago you did a best London LP cover piece and that was the only thing that really helped me. That, the comments people had written below – like, what about this place, and that place. That helped enormously.

‘My favourite album sleeve is ‘A Harder Shade of Black’ – it’s an old reggae record from the ’70s. The guy who did the compilation and his wife had just moved to London and needed a cover for the record, so he got his wife to walk in Hackney Downs Park and he took the picture. It’s the only one [in the display] from east London, and I live round there and go past there all the time. I love it. It’s just sort of timeless. She just looks so cool.’ Interview: Kim Taylor Bennett

 Check it out at Sister Ray.

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