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Overheard on the underground: Nigel listens in

Posted at 8:30 am, August 8, 2012 in Music & Nightlife, Olympics & Paralympics

Listen with Nigel
We all enjoy a bit of an eavesdrop on public transport, but few of us are bold enough to transform them into musical masterpieces – unlike the elusive and talented enigma know simply as Nigel. Travellers beware: as you indulge in an unsavoury conversation on the tube, there’s every chance that Nigel is lurking nearby, pencil in hand, tongue stuck out in concentration furiously penning a song about your chit chat. As part of a partnership with Mother and Family Action, Nigel will spend the duration of the Olympic Games listening to commuters’ conversations for inspiration. Given that Nigel & co have less than 24 hours to write, compose and record each song, we’re impressed by the bonkers yet somehow appealing songs they have produced. Here are our fave singles so far:

Olympic Conversation
An uncompromising examination of the social and political conflicts blighting modern Britain, ‘Olympic Conversation’ is philosophical and yet accessible with lyrics we can all identify with (‘I go up the escalator, I go down the escalator’… in a sense don’t we all?)

Wooden Sheep
The quick tempo of this number belies the devastatingly bleak lyrics about the banality of journeys and, judging by the absurd repetition of the lyrics ‘thinking about my mother’, possibly even the agony of the Oedipus complex.

Strange Birds
Comprised of 60% acid trip, 30% orthnithological data and 10% what the fuck, this easy listening classic will be hummed for generations to come.

Verdict: Anyone named Nigel is alright on our watch, especially if he can turn mundane conversations into catchy, hilarious tunes. Julia Graham

For info, see listenwithnigel.com.

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