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Because three just isn’t enough

Posted at 4:00 pm, August 9, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics

Fourth place medal
With 10,500 athletes competing in the games this year, it’s not surprising that there have been tears, tantrums, disqualifications and arrests over coming fourth. Despite what Joe Shmoe at home on the sofa may think, getting a medal is harder than ever. So hard that one man thought it was about time there were more available. When Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield missed out on getting some metal, David Mitchell from Derbyshire went to his local trophy shop and bought some customised medals for the downtrodden athletes – all with his own cash. Each one is engraved with the athlete’s name on one side and ‘In Recognition of your 4th Place Olympic Games 2012’ on the other. Now, we know it may seem like a bitter reminder or a piss-take, but we are assured that Mitchell means well and wants the boys to wear theirs with pride. And when you think about it, coming fourth isn’t that bad. It’s actually something to be pretty damn proud of. Carly-Ann Clements

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