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Five reasons you need our sexy new iPad app

Posted at 6:00 pm, August 13, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Technology, Top 5

Time Out London iPad AppIn case you haven’t yet heard, we have now launched our shiny new iPad app. It is slick, smart and full of London inspiration for your swiping pleasure. As if that wasn’t enough to inspire all you iPadders to download it, here are five more good reasons to add this app to your Time Out collection.

You’re broke
Buying your iPad cleared out your savings account. You might be living on baked beans but the new Time Out app is 100% FREE so you can download it for zero pennies and use it to plan London adventures for when you’re feeling more flush.

Your mind is a sieve
You read about that hot new place, but where was it again? As you cruise the tasty-looking restaurants and wild-sounding nights in our app, you can easily favourite anything that catches your eye, then return to them later  in moments of cultural brain freeze.

You’re lacking inspiration
Stuck in a socialising rut? You know where you like to go out but sometimes the same old familiar places just aren’t enough. You need more. MORE! As you favourite things and click around the app, it gets to know you and recommends stuff you might like. How nice of it.

You’re lost
Spiritually, physically, emotionally. If you don’t know South End from the South Bank, the app lets you easily search stuff by area and provides you with maps so you can discover new places without fear of stumbling around like a little lost kitten.

You’re allergic to paper 
Sorry to hear that you suffer from such a debilitating affliction. However, fear not; you don’t have to miss out on the cream of the cultural crop if you can’t read the magazine. Grab your iPad, browse through the mouth-watering pics, and your days of paper cuts and print-induced sneezing will be long gone.

Download it now at itunes.apple.com.

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