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Boris makes a bid to keep the Games going…

Posted at 6:00 pm, October 2, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

It wasn’t long ago, though it feels like forever, that the last flame was doused and London’s sporting extravaganza was concluded. There was the initial delirium as we tried to comprehend how much sport we had actually consumed, and then, the inevitable sadness that the ‘greatest show on earth’ was over. And it seems that this post-Games melancholy is shared by our avuncular Mayor. Boris has decided that our legacy, fresh from its LOGOC wrapping paper, should immediately be harnessed, and so is launching a London bid for the 2017 Paralympic World Championships. It is likely that he will submit this in the coming weeks, after an International Paralympics Committee member confirmed that they were in talks with UK athletics. If the bid were successful, the competition would take place in July, a month before the World Athletics Championships is to be held in the Olympic stadium; creating, albeit in reverse order, a ‘mini repeat’ of London 2012. Matthew Bremner

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