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Reviewed: Breaking Bad, season four (DVD)

Posted at 2:00 pm, October 3, 2012 in TV
Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Some people have described this darkly comic drama as the new ‘The Wire’. They’re wrong.

This chronicle of chemistry teacher-turned-cancer victim-turned-crystal meth kingpin is better than that.

Way, way better.

What’s more, while it’s definitely worth following it from the start, series four of this show from US cable channel AMC is, in its Emmy-strewn brilliance, the best yet.  Lead character Walt (Bryan Cranston) is on typically smouldering form as he fights to stay alive while maintaining his position in the meth empire. Astoundingly, you won’t find this on any UK TV network, so if you don’t use Netflix, this DVD is the only chance you have to get hold of the greatest telly programme of recent years. Enough said.

The bottom line: The dad from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ in ‘Best TV show of the twenty-first century’ shocker. ★★★★★ Alexi Duggins

Pick up the Breaking Bad season 4 box set from Amazon for £17.99.

Do you agree that ‘Breaking Bad’ is “way, way better” than ‘The Wire’? Let the debate begin in the comments!

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