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Get a room: live it up with The Hotel Plays

Posted at 12:00 pm, October 4, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
The Hotel Plays

While a lot of ‘site-specific’ theatre shows tend to involve shivering away in an abandoned office block wondering what has gone wrong with your life, there has been a small but encouraging trend over the last couple of years for fringe productions to set up shop inside well-appointed London hotels. Dubbed ‘The Hotel Plays’, Defibrillator Theatre’s triple bill of hotel-set Tennessee Williams shorts – none of them previously seen in the UK – takes place in three suites of the five star Grange Hotel in Holborn from October 4-27, allowing you to enjoy a taste of the sort of bizarre yet opulent life Williams experienced in his later years, when he pretty much lived in swank hostelries. Williams’s sprawlingly massive back catalogue is full of odd little gems that are rarely boring, while anybody who says they have no interest in snooping around three posh suites is either lying or deranged.

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