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Snack attack: should eating be banned at London landmarks?

Posted at 3:00 pm, October 4, 2012 in News

First the smoking ban, next… a food ban? This has been the natural progression in Rome, as the local council have introduced a new law prohibiting people from snacking around the city’s famous monuments. The official government line is that the legislation is designed to re-educate Rome’s denizens on proper urban behaviour. ‘We’ve let standards fall’, bemoans Viviana Di Capua, member of an association of historic district residents. However, we suspect that this rhetoric is possibly hiding the government’s real worry: that the city’s monuments are falling into disrepair, and they’re uncertain of how best to reduce the human traffic gathering in these areas. The Colosseum is starting to lean and the Trevi Fountain is crumbling, and so banning snacking, a main instigator of this destructive loitering, might help to slow the deterioration of these landmarks… at least in the short term.

The reason we bring this to your attention is not because Rome has suddenly become London, but as something to think about for our fair city. Imagine if this law were to be implemented here? Where would you banish these nefarious snackers? Or can you think of a more effective solution for the preservation of our heritage? Comment below or tweet us @TimeOutLondon. Matthew Bremner

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