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World Animal Day: celebrate with free ice-cream, cute photos and GIFs

Posted at 1:00 pm, October 4, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

Did you catch a glimpse of this rather suave, on-trend dancing panda last week?

The ‘Gangnam Style Panda’ paraded the South Bank, Canary Wharf and other areas of the city to raise awareness of the plight of the giant panda. And the video couldn’t have come out at a better time, because today is World Animal Day! But though the two-tone bamboo-munchers are are rightfully beloved, they can’t hog all the spotlight, so we’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate all creatures great and small. Carly-Ann Clements

FLORIDA MANATEE (c) Ibrahim Roushdi (c) ZSL

Marvel at the ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2012
At the start of the year, The Zoological Society of London launched the ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2012, to find the best international animal photography. The best images are now on show at the ZSL Animal Photography Prize exhibition at London Zoo which seems a rather fitting tribute to our slippery/furry companions.

Cow Power from Ben & Jerry's

Get some free ice-cream with Ben & Jerry’s ‘Supporting Better Dairy’ campaign
Who doesn’t love ice-cream (apart from vegans)? And what could be better than it being made from milk from happy, healthy cows? When it’s free as well! To help the ‘Supporting Better Dairy’ cause – and to be in with a chance of getting a free ice-cream delivery to your office (only in zone 1 we’re afraid) – all you have to do is follow @benandjerrysuk on Twitter and tweet ‘I believe all cows should be happy cows @benandjerrysUK #cowpower’ between 9am-4pm.

Dearly Departed © Molly Russell

Get morbid with Molly Russell’s ‘Dearly Departed’
If celebrating the lives of our animal friends doesn’t appeal, how about a little death instead? Visit the last day of Molly Russell’s sobering-yet-humorous exhibition of life-sized animal coffins at 402 Archway Gallery.

And if you can’t make it to any of these, then let’s just spend a moment to remember why today is so important:

They’re not just cute and fun to play with:

slow loris tickle

They’re also super helpful around the house:

kitty mop bunny opener

They’ll high five you:

give me five

And give you some loving:


They get so excited to see you:

excited duck excited goat

And they always want to get closer to you:

fail monkey swing

Some more than others:

eat the baby

And if they can’t get love from you, they’ll get it from each other:

raccoon and cat love Walrus kiss

Most of the time:

let me love you!

But just like us:

supermarket hedgehog human dog rocking lizard

These awesome creatures…

elephant killer whales bat

…need a bit of love too

lion love

So give your cat a cuddle, play with your pup and hug your hamster – and check out our guide to London for Animal Lovers. Happy World Animal Day!

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