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To live for: Digital Death Day

Posted at 5:00 pm, October 5, 2012 in Technology
Digital Death Day ©

When we die, what will happen to this blog? A horrible thought (push it from your mind now and think of lovely cats instead), but the effects of technology on kicking the bucket is something that we should probably start dealing with. If you too have sleepless nights wondering about the implications dying has on social networking (at a guess, we’d say they’re severe), Digital Death Day at The Centre for Creative Collaboration will be a productive use of your Saturday (October 6). The workshop will look at the complex matter of what happens to our ‘data’ – the digital legacy we leave on social networks, in the workplace and the like – when we die, and how technology is changing our perceptions of death, mourning and memorials. To break out of a traditional conference structure, attendees will be asked to propose the session titles at the beginning of the day to create the agenda. It all sounds rather upbeat for such a macabre subject. Victoria Gray

For more info and tickets, see digitaldeathday.com.

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