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Bonkers for conkers: the Hampstead Heath Heritage festival

Posted at 8:30 am, October 7, 2012 in Fun London
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Hands up who likes conkers? Yup, thought so. Conkers are top the poll of Things That Remind You Of Your Childhood Even Though Realistically You Didn’t Play With Them That Much. OK, not really, but if you are a conker lover, the highlight of your year is here. The theme of today’s annual Hampstead Heath Heritage Festival is ‘A Celebration of Old England’ and there’ll not only be a conker competition, but loads of old-school delights such as Morris Dancing, welly wanging and a tug of war. Head down to Parliament Hill between 11am and 4pm, and don’t miss the conker competition at 3pm. There’ll be five different age categories, each with the chance of winning a trophy. It’s about time we stopped denying that autumn is here and just bloomin’ embraced it.  Victoria Gray

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