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Crazy walls of clues from TV & film, reviewed by Carrie from Homeland

Posted at 10:00 am, October 7, 2012 in TV
Carrie's Wall of Crazy in 'Homeland' Season 1

Counting the minutes until season 2 of ‘Homeland’ starts today?

Us too. And we’re especially keen to see a return of Carrie Mathison’s crazy wall o’ clues before the series is out.

So as we countdown to the premiere, we “asked” “Carrie” “herself*” to review the obsessive set-ups of other agents from TV & film. Here’s her expert analysis…

Crazy Wall #1: Homeland

Carrie's Wall O' Clues, Homeland.

Wherein: Carrie puts some extra manic energy to good use, colouring and arranging a jumble of classified info into a coherent terrorist plot.  More classy than crazy, the thoughtful arrangement shows a woman’s touch.

Carrie says: ‘Thanks for the compliment. I remember being pretty proud of this before my ex-colleagues tore it down, fired me from the CIA and subjected me to electroshock treatment. The rainbow hues really brightened up the room, too.’

Crazy Wall #2: A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind's crazy wall. 'A Beautiful Mind'

Wherein:  Schizophrenic genius John Nash searches for clues to a Soviet plot in newspapers and magazines.

Carrie says: ‘Is that a spider web? What is this, Halloween? Is there a bat hanging up somewhere out of shot too? Pro tip: leave the arts and crafts for kindergarten.”

Crazy Wall #3: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows
'Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows'

Wherein: Holmes gets stuck on solving a case, and gets to decorating. Decorating with clues.

Carrie says:  ‘A Game of Saddoes more like. There’s no colour-coding for a start. (In the CIA, we’re taught the ABC’s – Always Be Colouring.) And string, string everywhere. Excess string is a sure sign that you’re dealing with an amateur sleuth.’

Crazy Wall #4: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Wherein: Old-school MI6 spies attempt to identify the mole within.

Carrie says: ‘Is that it? I’ve got shopping lists with more complicated interrelationships than this. If this was the best the Secret Service could do, it’s no surprise the Cold War dragged on for so long.’

Crazy Wall #5: FlashForward
FlashForward's crazy wall.

Wherein: FBI Agent Mark Benford attempts to work out who caused the Global Blackout.

Carrie says: ‘Straight away, you can see this is good government work. Clear chronological columns. A rich colour palette. It’s crazy, alright – crazy good.’

And with that, our list of crazy walls is over.

'Tell him it's over'

We already did, but thanks Brody. All ready for Season 2, Carrie?

Carrie is ready. To mark up. SOME DOCUUUUUMENTS

It’s on.

Homeland returns to Channel 4, Sunday Oct 7 at 9pm. Guy Parsons

If you want a taste of this week’s episode, see our review and check out our interview with Mandy Patinkin about the hit show.

(And thanks to Phil Gyford’s crazywalls.tumblr.com for providing the walls of crazy.)

*not really

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