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Hollywood springs up in the garden of England

Posted at 4:30 pm, October 8, 2012 in Fun London, News
Paramount Theme Park

A Disneyland in Kent? Well not quite… a Paramount Pictures land. But before you get too disheartened, at a cost of  £2 billion this is no parochial project. The park is rumoured to be twice the size of its Olympic contemporary and is planned to be built on the Swanscombe Pennisula, previously home to Europe’s largest cement works (and also very near to where the remains of the 250,000 year old Swanscombe man were found). Don’t get excited yet though as it isn’t expected to open until sometime in 2018. Superficially the project will be a showcase of American style razzmatazz with water parks, roller coasters, cinemas, live music venues, hotels to amuse and delight. But more fundamentally for the local people in and around Kent, this project will see the creation of 27,000 new jobs and apparently the injection of millions into the economy; a regeneration initiative that is predicted to be more impactful than the Olympics. For Londoners, you’ll be able to save that Disneyland Eurostar or flight fare for a bathtub full of candyfloss. Matthew Bremner

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