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Freshers’ week according to Instagram

Posted at 2:00 pm, October 9, 2012 in TV
Fresh Meat

A posh twat, a Scottish weirdo, a sexually frustrated couple and a couple of try-hards walk into your living room… what exactly is going on? Well, you’ve obviously just started uni or tuned in to Channel 4 tonight at 10pm,  rejoining the lovably bizarre characters of ‘Fresh Meat’ for another year of mayhem and awkward mishaps. But, to remember the good times, we’ve scoured the world of social media to find out just what’s really been going on at Freshers’ Week 2012… Carly-Ann Clements

Alcohol was consumed with abandon:

(c) nathanshukla (c) imogibbo

And enthusiastically  regurgitated:

(c) amz0_

And scores kept:

(c) rachrisdale

People painted their faces:

(c) saffmxx (c) leighreynolds92

Some better than others:

(c) marikval

Costumes were donned:

(c) nikusiaa

And discarded:

(c) ncabutler

There were cone heads:

(c) i_kaziyeva

Mop heads:

(c) kyle_mck

Vibrator unicorns:

(c) aaronbondo

And sumo wrestlers:

(c) natalieewood

Not to mention Verne Troyer:

(c) catherine_h_

And a trio of Wallies:

(c) eleanorjhall

And others played Monopoly:

(c) kudzai_k

Injuries were sustained:

(c) zahradee (c) mctaylor 007

With a couple of other accidents along the way:

Righteous indignation.

‘Freshers flu’ set in:

(c) xlara 28 (c) robynbrentnall23

Which led to people finally falling asleep… everywhere.

(c) oliviavelosa (c) meganhopekirk (c) broganlindsay

Sweet dreams, students of Britain, sweet dreams.

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