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‘No’ to driverless trains: tube drivers to stay

Posted at 2:45 pm, October 10, 2012 in News, Transport
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Hurrah! Tube drivers, a treasured London institution, are not going to be scrapped. All was revealed when 191 new tubes were recently delivered… with drivers’ cabs. Bit of a giveaway, that. Talks had been ongoing for absolutely ages with the idea of testing driverless trains on the Jubilee line at night, but it has now been confirmed that things will be staying as they are, for ‘safety and passenger concerns’, until at least 2020, when the proposal of replacing drivers with ‘train captains’ (like on the DLR) will be addressed again. While it’s all new-fangled to have no drivers on your trains, and lots of other cities with undergrounds have created safe, automatic metro systems, where would we be without tube drivers telling us off for getting our bags caught in the door or making jokes over the tannoy? Victoria Gray

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