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Bored games: tickets go on sale for The Boring Conference 2012

Posted at 10:00 am, October 12, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Boring Conference 2011

A boring conference? Whatevs, snooze o’clock. Who’d want to go to that? Well, actually now you mention it, we kinda do. The annual Boring Conference, set up in reaction to the closure of the Interesting Conference (you can’t make this stuff up), discusses really obvious topics like toast and self-service counters, in an interesting there’s-more-to-it than-meets-the-eye way. And dripping in irony, which obviously makes it cool. The conference has gone from strength to strength since beginning in 2010, and has increased its audience numbers from 200 to 500 in recent years, with people travelling from miles away – eg. Finland – to attend. This year’s bore-a-thon will be held on Sunday November 25 at York Hall; tickets cost £15 and go on sale today. Get ‘em while they’re lukewarm. Victoria Gray

For more info, see boringconference.com; get tickets here.

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