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Braaaains! Beeeeer! Buuurger sauce! World Zombie Day comes to town

Posted at 8:00 am, October 12, 2012 in Fun London
Zombie Day 2011

Between the shambolic movement, free-flowing bodily fluids and consumption of exotic meats, many parts of the city can come to resemble a zombie apocalypse of a Saturday evening. This Saturday October 13, London’s drinking quarters will be even more putrid than usual, as hundreds of flesh-gnawing revellers hit the streets for the annual World Zombie Day pub crawl.

A spin-off of an event that first took place in 2006 at Pittsburgh’s Monroeville Mall (setting of George Romero’s legendary 1978 zombie splat-fest ‘Dawn of the Dead’), the crawl’s organisers are promising a tour through some of central London’s best bars, culminating in live music, a burlesque show and a screening of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for those still standing at midnight. The price for your place on this ghoulish rampage? Absolutely nada, although those sticking around until the bitter end will have to pay a £2 charitable donation for entry into the final pub, plus £9 for the screening. Time Out’s top tip for getting into character? Jägermeister. Lots and lots of Jägermeister. David Clack

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For info, see worldzombieday.co.uk.

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