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Remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? They’re back and you can see them today

Posted at 11:15 am, October 13, 2012 in Fun London, TV
Power Rangers Morph Suits

WARNING! We’re about to reveal some information that will not only make you feel really old but also shout ‘no way!’ Almost 20 years ago, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit our screens. Yes, the fab five – that then became six, then goodness knows what – invaded our TV screens in 1993 and with a perfect balance of teenage ‘problems’, karate chopping action and dinosaurs, there’s no surprise that the Power Rangers are still knocking about today. And they’ll be even more alive and kicking this afternoon (October 13) as masses of lycra clad rangers will be running around Waterloo Bridge at 3.30pm. If you want to join the morphin crew, then you can now buy the adult-sized costumes just in time for Halloween. But let’s just remember why the gang was such a big part of our childhoods… and some of the bad examples they set. Carly-Ann Clements

They often broke out in dance and carried glow sticks just for funsies:

It's morphin time

They had the best Halloween costumes ever:

Pumpkin heads

They could make extinct animals appear in thin air:

Power Rangers

And they were friends with the Ninja Turtles:


At times they could fly:

Flying Rangers

Though they sometimes cheated when it came to skateboarding:

Power skating

Actually, thinking about it, they had a pretty dodgy salute too, not cool Power Rangers:

Power Ranger Salute

And they sometimes reverted to dirty tactics:

Power Ranger fights

And dirtier dancing:

Dirty dancing

Oh Rangers, what did you do to us?!

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