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Triviality ensues: the Posh Pub Quiz at @Barbecoa_london

Posted at 3:15 pm, October 13, 2012 in Fun London
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With pub quiz tactics and random trivia knowledge becoming a more than necessary string to add to one’s social bow (friendships have been made and broken on insistence that it was DEFINITELY Tom Baker who was the fifth Doctor Who), the only complaint we have about the humble pub quiz, is the lack of food (and subsequent accidental school night hangover). Which is why the Posh Pub Quiz, taking place this Sunday October 14, at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa, sounds right up our street. Sadly, it isn’t the usual £2 entry fee, but this £35 ticket will get you stuffed full of brain food (Barbecoa’s best barbequed meats), plus there’ll be the chance for guests to act as quizees and quizzers, as well as give one of Jamie’s top chefs a good grilling. The ticket price also includes a £5 donation to The Prince’s Trust, so the term win-win couldn’t be more apt (if you’re good at pub quizzer, that is). Victoria Gray

Teams can include up to 4 people. Email onenewchange@showmedia.net with your team name and number of members. Payment is required upon booking.  For more information, visit facebook.com/barbecoa.

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