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Brain food: design your own body part cupcake with @Miss_Cakehead

Posted at 6:00 pm, October 15, 2012 in Competition, Fun London
Eat Your Heart Out

If you’d rather eat your own fist than chow down on a STD cupcake, now you can. Miss Cakehead and Carla Conolly are putting on an anatomically correct cake shop in the Pathology Museum from October 26-28. Not for the fainthearted or weak-stomached, there’ll be some seriously realistic vom-inducing sweet treats. Anus cupcake washed down with suicide stomach contents cocktail take your fancy? Or perhaps you’d prefer to sup on some charred remains with a varicose vein cake?! Yum. We love these gross but highly educational baked goods so much that we teamed up with Eat Your Heart Out to create a special Time Out reader designed cupcake.

We asked you for your diseased body part suggestions; the winner has now been chosen and will be created in all its gory glory and sold during the three day cake extravaganza. Time Out readers can eat this special cake alongside a cocktail for only £10 as part of an exclusive special offer by just saying ‘Time Out Blog’ when ordering. Enjoy!

For info, see evilcakes.wordpress.com. Get an idea of what to expect below:

Eat Your Heart Out Eat Your Heart Out Eat Your Heart Out Eat Your Heart Out Eat Your Heart Out

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