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Take a tour of the best city in the world with the Superlatist

Posted at 10:00 am, October 15, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London, Secret London

Please allow us to introduce the world’s greatest author, the Superlatist. In honour of thier new book ‘Superlatives‘, we asked them to take us on a tour of the greatest city in the world…

‘My name is the Superlatist, and I’ve spent the last decade aimlessly walking around London. This is mainly because I still find it fascinating, but also because TfL won’t allow me on public transport any more. If you ask them about it then seriously don’t believe anything they say, they’re all fucking liars. After several years of this I started taking photos of everything I found funny or outright depressing, and after several more years these made it onto a futuristic photo blog: www.worldsgreatesturl.com. A selection of the most rib-ticklingly dour and black-cloud-inducingly droll are being published in hardback in October by Short Books: the perfect Christmas gift for the nephew you know nothing about. Feel free to send me your own submissions to superlatist@worldsgreatesturl.com, so we can make our own map of London and get sued by Google.’

Come with us on a journey of the best London superlatives 

‘World’s hardest bastard’

World's hardest bastard‘World’s worst tube stop’

World's worst tube stop

‘World’s most unfortunately named shop’

World's most unfortunately named shop

‘World’s most suspicious shop’

World's most suspicious shop

‘World’s most romantic encounter’

World's most romantic encounter

‘World’s most magical day’

World's most magical day

‘World’s most forlorn truck’

World's most forlorn truck

‘World’s most depressed mannequins’

World's most depressed mannequins

‘World’s most confusing road’

 World's most confusing road

‘World’s least reassuring medical centre’

World's least reassuring doctors surgery

‘World’s least friendly Bond’

World's least friendly bond

‘World’s worst view’

World's worst views

‘World’s greatest gift to immature commuters’

World's greatest gift to immature commuters

‘World’s biggest lie’

World's biggest lie

‘World’s best use of brackets’

World's best use of brackets

‘World’s best marriage proposal’

World's best marriage proposal

‘World’s best home security system’

World's best home security system

‘World’s best double life’

World's best double life

Find one of these incredible spots near you… 

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