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An affair to remember: infidelity in London is the highest in the country

Posted at 10:00 am, October 17, 2012 in News
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Given the number of films that exist about people having affairs in London (‘Closer’ and ‘Match Point’ to name but two), it’s almost surprising that we haven’t all been at it. A new survey by morally bankrupt website IllicitEncounters.com claims that over a quarter of married Londoners have had an affair, and 10% of them have had over five! Long boring commutes can’t be blamed though, as moving just outside the M25 seems to be a bit of a marriage saver, with the South East and East Anglia having the lowest affair rate. The fast pace of London life is clearly something of an aphrodisiac though, regardless of who you’re with, as the survey also announced that 20% of married Londoners have sex every day (within their marriage!), and overall 42% of married Londoners are satisfied with how much sex they’re having. We’re just not sure whether this is in or out of the marital bed though… Victoria Gray

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