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Wetting themselves in almost every picture

Posted at 1:00 pm, October 18, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

In Almost Every PictureEver jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed or decided it was a great idea to spontaneously run into the sea before taking your clothes off? You will have got a taster of the ‘wet fun adventures’ of married couple Fred and Valerie from Florida. For over 30 years, Fred has been photographing Valerie in a various different damp situations, always impeccably dressed. And in case you were wondering if they are getting off by doing this, the answer is yes. Fred explains ‘A good part of the wet clothes adventure concept for us is the mental turn-on of taking a nice outfit into the water…We have both dressed to the max to do this.’ This is the latest in a series of books called ‘In Almost Every Picture’ by brilliant Amsterdam communications agency KesselsKramer who compile found images by amateur photographers. Fred and Valarie are the main stars in this 11th edition and the effect is a surreal, slightly creepy but rather beautiful collection of watery images.

Author Erik Kessels will be talking about this book and others in the series at the KK Outlet in Hoxton Square on Thursday October 18. Book at fredandvalerie.eventbrite.com and find out more at kesselskramerpublishing.com.

In Almost Every Picture In Almost Every Picture In Almost Every Picture In Almost Every Picture

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