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Best of a bad bunch: The Ugly Animal Preservation Society

Posted at 12:15 pm, October 21, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
Ugly Animal Preservation Society

Everybody loves a balloon debate. The classic scary group job interview technique of deciding who or what is the most useless of a group of things with fairly equal pros and cons has been taken to new extremes by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. They will be taking to the stage of Shepherd’s Bush’s The Melrose on Sunday October 21 to debate a mascot for their society for the less loveable of Mother Nature’s creations. While a naked mole rat sounds like it needs a blanket in this cold weather, you could give it something far, far more valuable – celebrity status. Or perhaps the humble slug takes your, erm, fancy? A panel of comedians, including Helen Keen, Ellie Taylor and the Science Museum’s resident comedians Punk Science will each champion a particular animal minger, before the winner is voted into mascot status by the audience. And all this for only a fiver. Victoria Gray

For info, see The Ugly Animal Preservation Society listing.

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