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Extreme London: do you have the muscle for tyre flipping?

Posted at 9:15 am, October 21, 2012 in Fun London
Tyre Flipping © Rob Greig

Summoning her inner strongwoman Katie Dailey attempts London’s most exhausting workout..

If you think spin classes are the most devilish workouts London has to offer, think again, because tyre lifting is the most sadistic fitness class I’ve ever encountered. I consider myself to be pretty fit: I cycle daily, run regularly and even indulge in the odd faddish gym class, but nothing prepared me forcoming face-to-face with 30kg of discarded rubber.

‘Tyre flipping uses every muscle in your body and it fatigues them extremely quickly,’ reveals Freedom2Train’s founder Steve Mellor, as I try – and fail – to flip my oversized Pirelli for the third time. Steve and his training partner James Osborn are the fat-free bodies and brains behind this ‘Beach Ready’ training class. They show no mercy, having trained Olympic athletes and marathon runners, and, as if flipping industrial-sized tyres isn’t intense enough, resistance exercises are also thrown in. At one point we are urged to lob heavy balls filled with a sand-like matter (former participants’ ashes, perhaps?) as far as we can. Mine travels barely a yard before plopping weakly at my feet. Yet more proof that, fit or not, this workout will leave you tyred out. Each 60-minute session costs £5 and takes place in Wandsworth Park on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

For more info, see freedom2train.com.

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