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Drink along with the GIRLS

Posted at 6:30 pm, October 22, 2012 in Fun London, TV

There’s a new TV show that everybody tells you is going to be great. You’ve gathered some friends and some snacks, really trying to make an occasion of it. But the one thing you’re missing is a drinking game. You may have your doubts, but it forces participants to pay attention to the dialogue rather than letting the conversation drift astray, and the alcohol will increase everyone’s enjoyment of, well… everything. We know it’s a Monday night but the show’s only half an hour long. You’ll be fine. Ashleigh Arnott

Girls: the drinking game

Drink for each mention of any named social network. You can tweet about it too, if you like.

One shot each time someone takes something illegal. You could also play a very slow week-by-week version of illegal drugs bingo, if you’re organised enough to make the bingo cards.

Drink every time you have to remind yourself that Jessa’s accent isn’t fake.

Drink every time someone is naked for no particular reason. Finish your drink if it’s Hannah.

Drink every time you’re astounded because you remember that Shoshanna is also Joyce from Mad Men.

Nominate someone else to drink when you hear a phrase that someone else in the room would definitely use.

Drink every time one of the characters reminds you of an ex-partner.

Top up your drink every time they have a conversation in a bathroom, then drink throughout the conversation.

A toast to Steve Jobs for every Apple product placement.

Drink every time Adam uses an awkward nickname for Hannah, and then use the nickname on the person of your choice for the rest of the episode.

Drink every time Shoshanna looks freaked out by the conversation she’s part of, or someone else’s opinion.

Drink every time Marnie displays signs of being cold-hearted.

And every time someone smokes crack at a party, SMOKE CRACK!*

*please don’t actually smoke crack, that was a joke.

Read more about Girls and watch it tonight at 10pm on Sky Atlantic.

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