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A white Christmas for Piccadilly Circus’ Eros?

Posted at 5:30 pm, October 23, 2012 in News
Eros Snow Globe

The iconic statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus statue could be encased in a 36ft high inflatable ‘snow globe’ to save it from vandalisation. Westminster Council is concerned that the statue is often the target of drunken vandals in the run-up to Christmas, and it is considering a proposal to enclose the figure in a see-through, inflatable PVC sheath resembling a snow globe. If approved, the globe would be installed in time for Christmas 2013. ‘We believe this is an exciting project which will add a real sense of entertainment and wonder around an iconic landmark at Christmas,’ said deputy leader of Westminster council Robert Davis. Yes, but what we really want to know is: will they be employing some council workers especially to stand inside and chuck some of that twinkly fake snow about? Rebecca Taylor

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