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London pride: a ‘national anthem’ and flag for London

Posted at 4:30 pm, October 24, 2012 in Fun London, Music & Nightlife
Jane Peyton (standing) Emily Leather (piano)

Should London have its own anthem? Jane Peyton and Emily Leather of Operalicious certainly think so, and have even launched a campaign to have one instated. That’s not all; the musicians-cum-entrepreneurs have gone one step further and written their very own ode to the capital. Unfortunately, the operatic ditty sounds more like it’s come from the songbook of a children’s entertainer, rather than out of the incredible melting pot of music that we know London really is. ‘To the greatest city on earth give a cheer, whether you’re a pauper or a peer,’ chants the opening line. If you’re still listening after that then you’ll hear a bland appraisal of guess what? Red buses, Hackney carriages and pubs. The London we know has just a tad more going on than public transport and boozers. What about the speakeasies, warehouse parties, street art and protests? If you think you can do better (which we’re confident you can), enter their anthem competition. Why not design your own flag for the capital while you’re at it? They did! Will Coldwell

For more info, see londontownsong.comIn the mean time, we thought you’d like to listen to some of the truly worthy anthems our vibrant city has already inspired:

Lily Allen – LDN

The Clash – London Calling

Mighty Sparrow – London is the Place for Me

The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

Duffy – Warwick Avenue

Can you suggest any better songs for a London anthem?

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