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How to find love on the Tube

Posted at 8:00 am, October 25, 2012 in Fun London, Transport
Will Gull and Katie Crammer

@tube_boob is a Londoner with a love for the tube. To celebrate the great underground’s idiosyncrasies, they started tweeting at @tube_boob to capture some classic tubetastic moments and taboos. Here they look at the likeliness of meeting the love of your life on the Tube…

‘I often wonder how often people might unknowingly be travelling in the same Tube carriage as their soulmate. It’s a good question.The London Underground carries a whopping 1.1 billion passengers a year, or four million a day, most of them busy avoiding any hint of interaction with anyone else.

Yet it’s covered in ads for dating websites – asking us to sign up, log in, wink, browse your best-matched people, attend dire singles events and such like. Does a harassed Londoner really have time for all that? Surely you could easily save time and enjoy some harmless flirtation on your commute home. There’s even a dedicated Twitter account – @tubecrush – which is regularly featured in The Metro and promotes tube-flirting beautifully and impressively tastefully.

The odds of meeting someone compatible enough to spend your life with are significantly higher underground. Instead of commuting, we should think of it as uber speed-dating instead. You can always get off at the next stop if things get awkward. There are several documented tales of real-life love on the Underground. One of the most famous is of Will Gull and Katie Crammer (above), who married after passing notes to each other on the Central line. The couple revisited South Woodford station after their wedding to share the good news and thank staff. And surely everyone has seen The 19:57 From Euston?

Dating website Lovestruck say that almost half (47%) of commuters spot someone they fancy at least once a week. 9% of their male members have admitted to searching the site for someone they’ve spotted on the Tube, and 20% of men would stay on the train if they spotted someone they fancy. Call that lot slightly pervy if you will, but in an implausible sounding survey by Qype, 1 in 100 tube users married someone they met on the Underground, and 50% admitted to swapping numbers, dating or more! The commute home is likely to be miserable and dark this evening, so why not try and heat it up a little bit?’

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