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Shuffle along to the Zombie Horror Camp

Posted at 10:00 am, October 25, 2012 in Fun London
Zombie Horror

While we appreciate that the top deck of the 38 bus can get pretty hairy after dark, there are few places in London more terrifying (or just plain dark and damp) than the Old Vic Tunnels. Situated beneath Waterloo station, the space was used as a giant underground morgue as recently as the Second World War, and the combination of cold, echoey arches and the tunnels’ damp, musty aroma never fails to give us a hefty dose of the willies.

This weekend, the venue is set to become even creepier, as a three-day Halloween spectacular (or spook-tacular, if you must) shambles into town. Among the attractions at Zombie Horror Camp are voodoo doll-making workshops, blood-red cocktails, zombie burlesque (hopefully not as stomach-turning as it sounds) and something called the ‘zombie killer run challenge’ (your guess is as good as ours), while music comes in the form of DJ sets from The Horrors, Babyshambles, misery merchants Feeling Gloomy and the mighty Time Out All Stars.

In other words, it’s a much, much better option than wrapping bog roll around your limbs and shuffling around your mate’s kitchen while a stuttery Spotify stream of Michael Jackson’s Thriller blasts out of a laptop.

Tickets cost £25. Book your tickets to Zombie Horror Camp now.

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