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Inspiration for Fortnum & Mason’s Pumpkin Carving Competition

Posted at 2:30 pm, October 29, 2012 in Fun London
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From the petite munchkin to the big and bulbous, spooky squash is invading London. Luckily, the pumpkin attack is working to our advantage. With Halloween just around the corner, people are preparing to roll up their sleeves, pick their weapon of choice and slash away at the thick skinned beasts to make some ghoulish decorations. Think you’ve got the best chiselled gourd in town? Then why not enter it into the Fortnum & Mason’s Pumpkin Carving Competition on October 31? With competitions open to children (aged 10 and under) and adults (aged 11 and up), it’s the perfect opportunity to see if your carving skills are up to scratch. The kids’ competition takes place between 3 and 5pm with judging starting at 4pm and the adults take the stage from 6-8pm with judging at 7pm. So get carving and be sure to book a spot for your chance to win prizes and get your creation featured in the Fortnum & Mason window for all to see. Carly-Ann Clements

For more info , see Fortnum & Mason’s Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Need some inspiration? Don’t fear, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite jack-o-lanterns, along with some hints and tips….

Sometimes, simple is best:

© kevinspellcan © ashleyannd

But most of the time, the devil is in the detail:

(c) azolina3

Quite often literally:

handsome devil by curtp21

Source: DeviantAR

Being culturally relevant is key:

© elenay123 © madeinchina08

And retro’s pretty cool too:

© thumbers12

© alternativeboy19 © rebeccadiance50

Above all creepy is best:

© pg_tattoo © joshuaofthedead

Especially the unsuspectingly creepy:

 (c) punkbouncer

Source: DeviantART
Or the obviously haunted:

© xtian_blackhart

Fangs are good:

© fitzysnowman

You know, something you can really get your teeth into:

© kleonard4

Or swallow whole:

Hungry pumpkin

So if you use a stencil:

© sailorjacked

Use brute force…

© mtmrob

Or just the force:

Yoda Pumpkin

 Just remember to think outside the box (or inside the pumpkin):

© bekybrsco

And don’t worry, failures can happen:

Darth Vadar Fail (c) dayanadreal

And even though there’s a kids category, we don’t recommend including your child in the display:

Babies in pumpkins

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