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Un-deadly funny: Zomedy comes to the Leicester Square Theatre

Posted at 1:30 pm, October 29, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
Tiernan Douieb

BRRAAIINS! JOOKKEES! BRRAAIINS! Uh oh, the living dead are walking the earth… and they’re telling gags. Better get your shotguns and cricket bats at the ready*, because horror-obsessed comic Tiernan Douieb (or ‘Fear-nan Boo!ieb, as he’s now known) is hosting ‘Zomedy’; a late-night zombie-themed comedy gig, as part of the 13th Hour Horror Festival. Witch Fulcher (Rich Fulcher), Frisk-eek & InhuMannish (Frisky & Mannish) and many more will be taking to the Leicester Square Theatre stage to perform (un)dead funny sets. Fortunately for them, if they die on their arses, they’ll rise again.

*By no means actually bring a shotgun or cricket bat, except in the case of an actual zombie invasion.

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