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The dos and don’ts of Halloween

Posted at 4:00 pm, October 30, 2012 in Fun London

Time Out halloweenYear on year, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With more horror film festivals, pumpkins and this week’s Time Out Magazine (out today) bursting with scary events, we’ve definitely gotten into the spirit of things. If you’re new to the spooky festivities and scared that you’re going to get it wrong, or just a seasoned pro looking for something new, we’re here to help you get Halloween right this year:

DO: Carve a pumpkin with a bullet going through its head

(c) This Old House

DON’T: Carve a pumpkin using bullets

DO: Dress your kids in adorable, age appropriate costumes

© nanasaywhat_ © tayb521

DON’T: Dress your kids in completely inappropriate costumes

Hannibal costume Father and son costume?

No matter how awesome it may be:

Breaking Bad Halloween costume

Especially if it will give you nightmares

Jigsaw costume

DO: Take kids trick or treating

© irms15

DON’T: Go trick or treating if you’re over 12, that’s just weird

Too old to trick or treat

DO: Decorate your house with quaint pumpkins

fanged pumpkins Pumpkin Mummy Pumpkin

DON’T: Cover your house in fake spiders – you will lose some and get freaked out later in the year

© Jared G ew

DO: Make eyeball cakepops

© alamodestuff

Scary ribs

(c) theroguecookie.com

And Hotdog Mummies

Mummy Dogs (c) ourbestbites.com

DON’T: Serve actual eyeballs, brains or cockroaches

© myckaul

DO: Serve vodka shots with red food colouring

© AngryJulieMonday

Or bottles of “Tru Blood”

© littlelondonphotographer

DON’T: Serve shots of pigs’ blood.


DO: Dress like the Pixar Lamp

Pixar lamp

DON’T: Dress like a Hipster – no one will notice you’re in costume

Happy Endings

DO: Make a DIY costume

© amberarden

DON’T: Just pick one off the shelf


Or, you know, dress like a slut with just a pair of ears and little else

Mean Girls Mean Girls

Because you don’t have to be naked on Halloween

DO: Dress like Kate Middleton with her nips out if you’re a boy

Modest Kate

DON’T: Under any circumstance think about dressing like Jimmy Saville

© ro_monx

DO: Be different and original

Father, daughter costume

DON’T: Be lazy and predictable by dressing like Psy

© mstaberrie

No, seriously, don’t dress like Psy

© imenace013

Or any of his sidekicks

© h00chie © thesassafras © collieweenie

DO: Get a black light for your party

Blacklight drinks

And dress to impress

Blacklight costume

DON’T: Get your teeth whitened before attending a black light party – though it would make a pretty good Ross costume

The One With Ross's Teeth

And back to costumes…

DO: Dress like The Doctor and an angel

The Doctor and Angel

DON’T: Dress like Amy and The Doctor – because that isn’t a thing anymore


DO: Include your baby bump in your costume

Mum-to-be costume Mum-to-be costume

DON’T: Pretend you’re pregnant if you’re a man

Dad-to-be costume

 DO: Dress like a zombie

© swiftyy69 © blckgold

DON’T: on second thoughts, dress like a zombie

© katiemackerz © jennifersimeao

And if you’re looking for a quiet night in

DO: Watch these classic films

‘Hocus Pocus’

Hocus Pocus





DON’T: Watch these gifs on your own late at night

tongue biggest fear after watching a horror movie

Have a very Happy Halloween! Find yourself a party with our guide to Halloween happenings

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