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Chatty map analyses the Twitter languages of London

Posted at 4:00 pm, November 1, 2012 in Fun London, Maps, News
Twitter Languages of London

While official censuses tell us that there are over 300 languages spoken in the capital, a far easier way of confirming this, as with all things, is just by looking at Twitter.  Moreover, the advent of smartphones with GPS that can tell you exactly where people are when they tweet makes for interesting analysis of where these different languages exist.  James Cheshire has created a Twitter map of London, using data based on last year’s Twitter communities world map, collected by Ed Manley.  The results are fascinating – not only do the Twitter languages tell us where people live, they tell us where they’ve visited: the Olympic Stadium, for instance, had thousands of Tweets generated around it, in thousands of different languages, but obviously nobody hangs out there anymore (sob!). The map also provides clear lines of road and train lines where people tweet on the move, thus showing where certain communities both live and work.  The real-time generation of the information both of the languages, and the places where people share their innermost thoughts in 140 characters, makes the map the sort of thing you could pore over for days. Victoria Gray

For more analysis of the Twitter map of London, visit James Cheshire’s website, spatialanalysis.co.uk.

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