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Radical chic: Marxism in the (Das) Capital

Posted at 3:15 pm, November 3, 2012 in Food & Drink
Firebox © Rob Greig

Some like biscotti with their coffee. Others like to chow down on Marxist economic theory. If the latter is more your cup of (ethically-sourced) tea, then head to Firebox, an airy space in Bloomsbury aiming to get politics back on the chalkboards of London’s cafés. Its walls are covered in posters from the Miners’ Strike, while books such as ‘Marx for Beginners’ are piled on the shelves. ‘It’s an attempt to revive the political coffee houses which thrived in the eighteenth century,’ says Clare Solomon, who helps run the venue (and is also the ex-president of the University of London Students’ Union who famously clashed with Jeremy Paxman on ‘Newsnight’ over the 2010 student protests). Similar cafés are springing up across the capital. A temporary ‘radical space’ called Cuts Café has just finished a two-week run in a squat in Blackfriars and is planning a new venture soon. Meanwhile, MayDay Rooms, a group that archives ‘material linked to social movements’, is hoping to set up its own meeting place early next year. Back at Firebox, the hungry revolutionary can refuel on sarnies, soups and pies at feed-the-masses prices, and lubricate heated debate with drinks like the Agitator and the Molotov Mocktail. Yes, really. Rebecca Taylor

Visit Firebox, 106-108 Cromer St, WC1H 8BZ. For info, see fireboxlondon.net.

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