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A different life story every night: Choose Your Own Documentary

Posted at 10:00 am, November 5, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
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Anyone who took GCSE drama can vouch that learning lines isn’t easy. But it’s a tad trickier when the show you’re rehearsing has multiple endings, hundreds of possible narratives and is completely different each night. Acclaimed poet and storytelling comedian Nathan Penlington has set himself that task with his latest show, ‘Choose Your Own Documentary’, which has been 18 months in the making. As a kid, Penlington was obsessed with the Choose Your Own Adventure books and to relive his childhood joy he bought a bulk lot of the paperbacks from eBay. But when they arrived he discovered the first few entries of a heartrending child’s diary from 20 years ago hidden among the pages. Desperate to discover more about this distressed child, he went in search of the diary’s author. Just like the books, the audiences at this week’s shows will choose which path Penlington takes in this live documentary. Will he track down the now grown-up author? You decide…

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