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Furnish in a record time with Remains of the Games

Posted at 4:00 pm, November 6, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics, Shopping & Style
Mo Farah running away from furniture.

It’s hard to believe the Games finished only two months ago, and yet here we are. If you need a little Olympic spirit back in your life, perhaps Remains of the Games can help.

They’re in charge of finding new homes for the Olympic Park’s furniture. Lightly used by the world’s greatest athletes, it’s all available at pretty knockdown prices – here’s a chair from the commentators box for £12. There are delivery fees, but if you can make it to their warehouse in Essex, you’ll even avoid those.

So if you want Bin Dong‘s bin, Abdihakem Abdirahman‘s ottoman or even Florian Stofer‘s sofa, you know where to go.

Spruce up your living room with something from remainsofthegames.co.uk.

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