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Love London, hate London: the results are in

Posted at 8:00 am, November 6, 2012 in Fun London

Remember that little survey we asked you to do in May about things that you love and hate in London? Well, the results are now in. Author of  ‘Tube London‘, Rebecca Sams has put together this video with some of the highlights, and the complete list of results is available as an ebook for only £1.99. 342 people responded, covering 31 nationalities – something people really loved was the diversity in the capital – and a fair percentage quoted Samuel Johnson’s famous maxim ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’, probably proving that the love was stronger than the hate (phew!). So… what do we actually love and hate?

We had to agree with some of the most hated things…

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Those surveyed hate rush hour chaos and everything that goes with it, from the dead-eyed ambitious people to rude, selfish commuters, queuing and crowds.

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There not being enough bins and having to pay for public toilets also got your goat.

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And cupcakes. We’re not quite sure how this hatred is specific to London, but we’ll go with it. They’re pretty annoying.

It’s not surprising that we love things like the world class museumsgalleries and free events

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and the incredible skylines and amazing architecture,

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but it was heartwarming to hear that people felt that London provides a ‘home for those who don’t feel at home at home’, and ‘open-minded people who are accepting of eccentrics’. Victoria Gray

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Read more results or buy the ebook, visit lovelondonhatelondon.com.

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