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How London voted: a true tale of red, white and blue

Posted at 2:00 pm, November 7, 2012 in News
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At approximately 4.30am GMT, it was announced that President Barack Obama defeated the Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 election earning him a second term in office. Seeing as most of us Londoners can’t vote in the American election, we thought we’d have a look at the closest thing. Though it pains us to acknowledge it, our dear old city isn’t the only London out there. Yes, it may be the biggest and brightest but there are in fact a number of other towns called London including eight in the United States of America. With us Brits politically immobile in the States, we thought we’d check out which way the other Londoners decided to swing.

London, Arkansas:

Romney wins Arkansas Despite its very blue past, Arkansas has been hard to predict since the 70s. But this year, Romney comfortably took the vote winning 6 red votes.


London, California:

Obama wins CaliforniaBeing the state with the largest population, California carries the most votes in the election. Since the 80s it has been a blue state so it’s no shocker that Obama won its hefty 55 votes giving him a whopping 20% lead to the winning total of 270.


London, Kentucky:

Romney wins KentuckyTraditionally a swing state with a slight inclination toward red, there was no doubt which way Kentucky was voting this year. Early polls indicated that Romney will take the vote and that’s just what he did, claiming a further 6 points.

London, Minnesota:

Obama wins Minnesota

With its blue past, it’s not surprising that Obama clinched its 10 votes in this year’s election. What is surprising is how close the vote actually was.


London, Ohio:

Obama wins OhioOne of the seemingly undecided swing states, Ohio stayed blue and voted for Obama for a second term giving him another 16 votes.



London, Texas:

Romney wins Texas

With its blaring red past, it’s no surprise that Texas gave Romney its 38 votes, the second largest number of votes per state.



London, West Virginia:

Romney wins West VirginiaWith its rather colourful past, West Virginia was believed to be a swing state but it’s no surprise that it voted red for the third election in a row giving Romney a further 5 points.


London, Wiconsin:

Obama wins WisconsinAnother state with colourful roots but Wisconsin retained its recent blue streak and gave its 10 votes to Obama.



So, there we have it. It seems that London had quite an even split with four states for each candidate but we here at Time Out Towers would like to congratulate President Obama for his much deserved second term. Carly-Ann Clements

For the results in full, see bbc.co.uk.

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